Training Fees

Basic & Advanced sessions – $150.00 for a 90 minute one-on-one or group session

Each additional shooter is $50 (ex: 2 shooters is $200 or $100 each)

Retired Police Officer (RPO) qualifications are $40 each.  Schedule your session for a date and time that’s convenient for you and without the downtime and waiting around often associated with large group qualifications.

Basic Session – The session starts off with a presentation on the basics of safe gun handling and the principles of marksmanship and ends with live fire shooting on the range.  It is ideal for 1st time shooters as well as individuals who want a refresher or who have been shooting for years but never took a class.  This course can also be geared for individuals looking to enter or who are currently in the police academy. Get a head start by learning the drills and shooting the state qualification course. Learning the proper technique is crucial to prevent poor habits.

Advanced session– Because of the advanced nature of these courses, shooters must have completed the basic course within the past six months.  Each course is designed for the individual or group.  Options include use of cover/concealment, reloads, double taps, alternate threat areas, multiple targets, shooting positions and shooting on the move.  Registering for this class is highly recommended before a competition, qualification or hunting season.

Advanced rifle