25 Years experience training law enforcement and civilians


Welcome to my website!  After 25 years of service with the Atlantic City Police Department, I decided to retire at the rank of captain.    I spent 22 years of my 25 year career as a firearms instructor and have many certifications including NRA, NJ Police Training Commission (PTC) Certified Range Master and retired FBI Certified Sniper. I also spent nearly half of my career on the SWAT Team, where I served as an operator, sniper, trainer, supervisor and team commander. I started GunSafe to continue my passion for firearms training.

GunSafe’s mission is to provide quality firearms instruction to all levels of shooters, first timers to experienced, in a safe and fun learning environment.  Schedule a one-on-one session or bring a friend or family member.  You will most certainly leave with a smile on your face and a solid foundation of gun safety.

Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges


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