Bob DeGaetano is a retired captain from the Atlantic City Police Department and the owner of GunSafe. He has spent 22 years of his 25 year career as a firearms instructor, training the entire 400+ member department, including the SWAT Team. He holds many different instructor certifications including handgun, rifle, shotgun and subgun. He is a state certified Range Master, retired FBI certified sniper, NRA instructor and retired police officer (RPO) instructor.

GunSafe provides personalized firearms training to all level shooters. The training sessions are either one-on-one or small groups and are based upon the experience level and needs of the individual or group, including but not limited to:

  • Basic and advanced classes in handgun, rifle or shotgun
  • First time shooters
  • Families looking for gun safety training and familiarization
  • Retired Police Officer (RPO) qualifications
  • Officers preparing for SWAT test
  • Police academy candidates and recruits (Get a head start – Learn the drills and shoot the state qualification course)
  • Police Officers who want individualized training / prepare for upcoming qualifications
  • Anyone who wants to learn to shoot or shoot better
  • Shooting enthusiasts looking to hone their skills
  • How to disassemble and clean your firearm

Schedule a one-on-one session or bring a friend or family member.

GunSafe’s goal is to provide a safe and fun learning experience!